Native Planet Classic 2009 - A Spectacular North Cascades Ride
June 20th, Winthrop, WA

You can review the map and profile on this page, or you can view the entire route online at MotionBased. The Map Player is especially cool because a 'Dot' simulates the movement on a map and an elevation profile at the same time, even better, from the dashboard under the map, you will find a link to Google Earth where you fly over the route and see all the spectacular mountains in 3D.
Native Planet Classic (recon route in motionbased)

(2006 map not including Goat Creek Rd)

  • Winthrop to Mazama: 14 miles (28 mi RT)
  • Winthrop to Washington Pass: 31.5 miles (61 RT)
  • Winthrop to Colonial Creek: 63.5 miles (127 RT)
Distances between other food-stops:
  • Mazama to Washington Pass: 17.2 miles
  • WA Pass to Easy Pass: 11.1 miles
  • Easy Pass to Colonial Creek: 21.3 miles

Note: There will be two drink stops on each side of WA pass halfway through the climb.

Super Century Profile: Winthrop - Colonial Creek - Winthrop (2006 profile not including Goat Creek Rd)

Note: There will be two drink stops on each side of WA pass halfway through the climb.

Elevation Gain:

  • Winthrop to Mazama (28 mile Ride): 500 feet
  • Winthrop to Washington Pass (metric century): 4100 feet
  • Winthrop to Colonial Creek (super century): 10,400 feet

Note: Super century riders will climb Washington Pass from each side. Both sides give a unique perspective to this stunning area.

Event Starting Time:

Super Century - 127 mile route: Start between 5:45 and 7:30 AM
Metric Century - 61 mile route: Start between 7:30 and 9:30 AM
Easier 28 mile route: Start between 9:30 and 10:30 AM

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