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Native Planet Classic - June 23, 2007

List of our June 2007 Native Planet Classic Finishers

Our metric century to the top of Washington Pass may be one of Washington's most scenic rides, but our 127 mile 10,400+ ft super-century is also one of the most challenging. This year some participants have recorded their time (from start to finish including stops. These are not actual riding times), but all cyclists able to ride the Native Planet Classic can be proud of their accomplishment.

127 Mile Super-Century

Name  Time   Not Timed
Jeff Tanka  8hr00   Bill Leyrer
Ralf Fillion  8hr05   Cass Gebbers
Jeff Marchant  8hr05   Charles cone
Oscar Matesanz  8hr25   Chris Featherstone
Kirk Harper  8hr27   Chris Koehler
Miguel Blas-Matus  8hr27   Christopher Nelson
Steve Allen  8hr27   Daniel Wakefield
Bart Hawkinson  8hr35   David Kannas
Jeffrey Logan  8hr41   Fred DeHaven
Bruce Hamilton  8hr45   Gordon Warmouth
Jim Edris  8hr45   Kathleen Mogan
Denkhun Boonrawd  8hr50   Kevin Dean
Patrick Kinghorn  8hr50   Lance Bass
Thierry Douet  8hr50   Logan Kerens
Ken Kato  8hr55   Margaret Cable
Jim Rothwell  8hr55   Mark Rogers
Gary Bass  9hr00   Mike Brown
Richard Sleeth  9hr10   Rene' Comeaux
Sussex Jim  9hr10   Richard Lum
Kevin Marks  9hr20    
Troy Simmons  9hr25    
Joseph Adams  9hr30    
Charles Caswell  9hr30    
Carl Ringler  9hr34    
Rick Freitas  9hr35    
David Padilla  9hr40    
Ross Peyton  9hr40    
Timothy Brown  9hr40    
Shannon Moyer  9hr40    
Chad Olson  9hr45    
Robert Everett Deehan  9hr45    
David Miller  9hr45    
Steve Sloan  9hr49    
Jim Robuck  9hr50    
Craig Moe  10hr00    
Gilbert Flanagan  10hr00    
Mike McCormick  10hr00    
Colin McKenna  10hr05    
Georgia Sanz Daniels  10hr05    
Andrew Flanagan  10hr10    
Desiree Leipham  10hr13    
Byron Bedirian  10hr20    
Bryan Bergstedt  10hr25    
Dee Joseph McGonigle  10hr25    
Michael Moloney  10hr25    
Rob Benedetti  10hr25    
Todd Winkler  10hr30    
Derk Zimmer  10hr35    
Lisa Stone  10hr35    
Robert Bartsch  10hr50    
Eric Westphal  10hr55    
Thomas Catalina  10hr55    
Vincent Muoneke  10hr55    
Alexandr Chatilo  11hr00    
Trudy Frantz  11hr00    
Corrie Rosetti  11hr05    
Jim McCracken  11hr05    
Sergei Nevrov  11hr10    
Jim Church  11hr15    
Ramon Jay Wright  11hr15    
Randall Gene Lee  11hr15    
Tim O'Mahony  11hr15    
Edwin Carnay  11hr45    
David Bryan  12hr00    
Robb Mason  12hr20    
Stephanie Gilbert  12hr20    
Claudia Mason  12hr25    


Metric Century to Washington Pass

Name  Time   Not Timed
Tory Wulf 4hr38   Bob Miller
Kent Jewell 4hr42   Bonnie Hofer
Steve McRae 4hr54   Brett Burnette
Joseph Piper 5hr20   Corinne Hagen
Lisa Piper 5hr20   Dennis Kelly
Marian Brennan 5hr35   Don Abatecola
Karen Conger 5hr45   Donald Bell
Bill Boone 6hr25   Elizabeth Crumley
Kaye Boone 6hr25   Holly Fearnbach
Anne Irmer 6hr30   J. Gordon
Kenneth Bell 7hr14   Jackie Edleman
Anne Terry 7hr20   Julie Paone
Eddie Sams 7hr20   Kenneth Edleman
Lachovia Parrish Freeland 7hr20   Robert Miller
      Ron Bauleke
      Russell Hagen
      Tom Robbins


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